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Aims & Ethos

At York House School, we aim to provide a rich, engaging, and innovative curriculum for our pupils. The curriculum throughout the school is overseen by the Curriculum Leadership Team, comprising of a specialist teacher from each area of the school to ensure that pupil progress from Nursery  to Year 8 is mapped out seamlessly, providing continuity for our pupils throughout. 

Plenty of time is devoted to developing and nurturing a solid base of literacy and numeracy, but we value equally the breadth provided by Science, Geography, History, French, RS, Drama, Games, Swimming, and later on in the school, Latin. 

ICT skills are taught discreetly as well as within curriculum lessons, where technology such as iPads, interactive whiteboards, digital cameras and other educational software and applications are used to enhance learning throughout the school. 

Our broad curriculum is matched by our commitment to provide an exciting and diverse environment for learning. We empower our teachers to provide stimulating and memorable lessons where pupils are challenged to discover, to collaborate or to create as part of their learning experience. 

Learning is not confined to sitting behind a desk either, and often extends beyond the classroom walls altogether, making the most of our wonderful setting and exciting new Outdoor Learning facilities.

Helping pupils to find joy in learning is a main aim, but pupil progression is always paramount. Regular tracking of academic progress and communication with home helps to ensure that by the time they leave York House, well prepared for their move to Senior Schools, all pupils have had the chance to fulfil their academic potential.

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