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Music & Drama

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Music is an important part of life at York House School and our Director of Music arranges a full programme of lessons and activities. It is no surprise, therefore, that over a third of our children play an instrument and that we achieve a number of senior school music scholarships.  

More importantly perhaps, we aim to instil a lifelong love of music in every child - listening as well as playing.  We cater for the grade exams of the Associated Board and also for music scholarships to senior schools.


Regular class lessons for all the children
Three choirs and many ensemble groups, including a full orchestra
Individual music lessons are also provided 
Frequent concerts for peers, parents and families to showcase the children's abilities


To make music, someone must first write it, so our Music Studio contains ten computers and keyboards. This allows the children to compose as well as play their own work, using specialist music software.

In class lessons the children have the opportunity to experience all the main types of instrument. This is great fun and it helps develop their enthusiasm for all things musical. Having access to a wide range of instruments can be very inspirational and also allows the children to decide whether they would like to take up playing an instrument "properly".

The computer technology we have at York House School allows children to play literally any instrument they so desire, whilst being able to compose their own pieces, and our Music Suite is second to none, with ten dedicated computers, each with their own keyboards and sound systems. Specialist teaching guides the children through the principles of music theory and in just a few minutes they start to compose their own music.



Drama lessons are an integral part of the curriculum from year 1 upwards.
Each year sees an impressive standard of wonderful productions of both plays and musicals. The children, staff and parents produce great shows together. They are always highly anticipated, offering the children further opportunities for success, and the confidence that comes with it.

To support their experience of the arts, several trips are planned for all year groups for the children to sample live music concerts and theatre productions, both locally and in London. Theatre performance groups are invited to the school to stage performances and provide drama workshops that offer children further exciting opportunities.