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Art & Design Technology

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Year 8 art in progress


Art at York House gives all children the opportunity to explore, develop and enjoy their creative and artistic potential whilst giving an insight into the subject with all its levels of meaning and interpretation. The children learn to use a progressive range of materials and techniques in our purpose-built art studio and to express their ideas and feelings creatively and imaginatively.

Pupils will also develop skills in evaluating their own work and that of other artists, and to understand the value and significance of Art in the wider society. Gallery trips for the Middle & Upper schools are wonderful experiences which support and extend classroom learning. The History of Art is taught in the Upper school and focuses on significant art movements, from the Medieval era to the present day.

The children have the opportunity to be hands-on with large Scale 3D modelling, produce a range of textile work, develop their photography skills and work 'en plein air' as  part of our commitment to outdoor learning at York House.

As a progressive subject, iPads will be introduced to support creative art work and incorporate ICT design techniques.



We encourage children to become independent and creative problem-solvers whilst teaching the wider principles of design and manufacturing. Pupils learn how to generate a design, plan projects and create a quality finished product. Project work becomes increasingly sophisticated with new materials and skills being introduced alongside complex design briefs. The dedicated studio is fully equipped with a comprehensive range of tools and machinery.

They learn about design's importance and relevance, from consumer packaging to architecture. We review the subject's historical context - identifying good designs; recognising how they have been refined and improved through the ages.