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Everything we do aims to give your child the best possible preparation for his or her future studies and adult life. We encourage our pupils to develop a self-disciplined and hard-working approach. This will help them achieve good academic results whilst, just as importantly, encouraging three character traits which we believe to be vital;

•   A positive outlook

•   Self-reliance 
    (for only when you are truly self-reliant are you in a position to help others)

•   The ability to leave people and places better than you find them 

Every child has talents and we aim to discover, nurture and develop them to their full potential. We offer a strong academic curriculum and a particularly wide range of sports, music and arts. We also offer a very broad extra-curricular programme that stretches and stimulates young minds and we make full use of our spacious countryside location. 

Our Nursery has been fully co-ed for twelve years and since September 2011 we have been accepting girls. The move to full co-education is a gradual one and each year will be converted as the first group of girls reaches it. This academic year we have girls up to Year 5.

As girls move through the School we are adding even more activities for all the children to enjoy. An all-girls’ changing room has been added whilst our range of sports is being expanded with a Head of Girl's Games appointed. We are broadening our extra-curricular activities to include additional dance classes and more drama, with more being added each term.