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ISI Inspection Report 2011 Quote

York House has excellent links with all the local independent schools including Aldenham, Berkhamsted, Eton, Haberdashers' Aske's, Haileybury, Harrow, John Lyon, Merchant Taylors' and St. Albans.  We also send pupils to many other schools further afield.  We know these senior schools extremely well and are able to offer expert advice on which ones will best suit your child.

Senior school entrance exams can cause much stress and heartache among parents, but we know what is required and how the accompanying procedures and interviews work.  We have a very strong success record with individual schools' entrance exams, and also with Common Entrance for those schools that use that system.

We pride ourselves that the vast majority of pupils gain entry to their school of their first choice and in many cases they do that by winning scholarships, either in academic areas or in Music or Sport.  

Year 8 Leavers' List 2013

Aldenham                                1 pupil
Berkhamsted                           6 pupils
Haberdashers Askes                 2 pupils
Harrow                                    1 pupil
Merchant Taylors                      2 pupils
St. Albans                                1 pupil
St. John’s Leatherhead              1 pupil
Shiplake                                  1 pupil
Winchester                              1 pupil
Year 8 Leavers' List 2012

Aldenham School                     1 place
Berkhamsted                           7 places
Merchant Taylors'                     3 places
Rugby               1 place
St Alban's School                     1 place
Stowe                       1 place

Year 8 Leavers' List 2011

Aldenham School                      3 places
Berkhamsted                           5 places and 1 Musical Scholarship
Eton                                        1 place
John Lyon                                1 place
Merchant Taylors'                      2 places
St Alban's School                       3 places
Shiplake College                       2 places

Year 8 Leavers' List 2010

Aldenham School                      4 places and 1 sporting scholarship
Millfield School                          2 places and 2 sporting scholarships
Haberdashers' Askes                 1 place
Kings Langley School                 1 place
Harrow                                     1 place
Stowe School                            1 place
Merchant Taylors'                      5 places
St. Alban's School                      6 places
Haileybury School                      1 place
Shiplake College                       1 sporting Scholarship

11-Plus Leavers 2010

Watford Grammar School            9 places
St. Clement Danes School           1 place
Dr. Challoner's Grammar School   1 place