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YHPA Fundraising

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The aim of the Parents' Association is to raise funds to provide "extras" for the children, which add value to their time at York House. 

Thanks to everyone for your support!



                           YHPA ITEMS FUNDED ACADEMIC YEAR 2015 - 2016



 Expenditure 2015/16




Portable floodlights for Astro-turf  & sports pitches


 £                      5,046




Swimming Rescue Dummy


  £                         296




Year 1 Outdoor Toys  


  £                         251

 Middle School books for



New reading scheme   


  £                         263 




Pre Prep Orchard play equipment 


£                         436




Fruit orchard  


  £                      4,000




Drama stage extension 


  £                      5,361












 £                    15,653   




                       YHPA ITEMS FUNDED ACADEMIC YEAR 2014 - 2015



Expenditure 2014/15

Pre-Prep wet play, bricks & toys


£                          1,543.65


Middle School Benches & boot brushes


£                             655.00


Upper School outdoor play equip


£                             453.36


Pool Equipment for whole school


£                          1,562.01


Games Equipment cricket nets


£                          2,637.98


Prep Library new books, beanbags & shelf


£                          1,631.83


Art & Design display boards


£                             567.60


Medical defibrillator


£                          1,248.00


 £                       10,299.43







Prep School Toys


Table & Chairs, Kitchen/Market Toys


Middle School playground games


Upper School playground games







Digital Recording Device | Music Department

To record the many class performances that take place on a daily basis and play them back to the pupils immediately, which will then give them immediate feedback and the opportunity to appraise their own work.  The whole school will have access to use this equipment.


Mary Glasgow Language Magazines | French Department  

5 French language magazines with two accompanying CDs, which are used to augment French lessons, previously funded independently by parents. YHPA will cover the cost of this resource for the current academic year.  Years 5 – 8 will benefit from this. 


The Orchard Storytelling Area | Pre-Prep

YHPA understands that learning out with the classroom is now a vital part of the learning experience and is happy to fund the creation of a storytelling area, in the Pre-Prep Orchard.
It will have a storytelling chair, benches, as well as a raised floor to ensure the area can be used all year round. This facility will be available to the whole school.


Lockers | PE Department

Mixing up and loss of Games kit is a problem which is common in the Prep school, however it was realised that the introduction of individual lockers to years 3 & 4 greatly reduced this occurrence. YHPA is pleased to announce that it has agreed to purchase lockers for Years 5 – 8.     


Covered Play Area | Pre-Prep School

Our Pre-Prep building now has its very own covered and secluded outdoor play area. This allows external playing and teaching no matter the weather, helping to bring the great outside indoors.


Built during the October 2012 half-term, it is a great addition that also provides an area for the Little Yorkies Toddler Group to use every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning.





All-Weather Sports Pitches | Whole School


Art Equipment | Art Department


Bassoon | Music Department 


Diving Blocks & Swimming Pool Reels | PE Department


ICT suite | Junior & Senior School


Wooden Play Equipment | Junior & Senior School


Wooden Train | Pre-Prep School