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Second-Hand Uniform Shop

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The York House School Second Hand Unform Shop is a successful enterprise offering superb quality and value for all items of school uniform and PE kit and is greatly used by all the parents.

Many thanks to all of you who have supported the school uniform shop, either with your custom, donations, your ‘share of sale’ clothes or even popping in with a smile. We have made £2,100 so far this year and have returned over £700 to our ‘share of sale’ sellers.

All donations are gratefully received and can either be dropped off in the shop during opening hours, or left in the yellow container, currently located under the arch, at any time.  If you would like to share in the sale, please make sure you follow the procedure below.

Summer Term 2017 Opening 

1. We have new clothes labels for all ‘share of sale’ sellers to use. All clothes brought to be sold need to be labelled. Please print off the labels on the link......and fill in the details. Pin (with safety pin if possible) the label to the items and bring them to us at the shop during opening times or leave in the yellow container under the arch. Donated clothes do not need to be labelled.

2. Due to competition from high street retailers items such as school shirts, grey trousers and grey shorts need to be in tip top condition otherwise we cannot sell them.

3. We have a price list attached and we will use these prices on all items.

4. We will pay back 75% of the profit made on any item.

5. All money owing will be calculated at the end of each term. This can be paid in cash from the shop or we can write a cheque for you to be sent via childmail. All monies not claimed by the end of the following term will go to the PA fund.

If parents have anything to sell, they receive 75% of any monies made and the other 25% will be retained by the Parents' Association and used to buy additional items for the School.

If you have any queries, please contact the second hand uniform team using