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Mon 5 June  Yr 8 In-School Revision Day
  Exam Week for Upper School
  2.00pm Nursery Sports Day
Tues 6 June  Yr 8 CE Exams Begin
  2.15pm Yr 4 Cricket A & B (H) C & D (A) v St. Martin’s
  4.30pm Education Committee Meeting
Wed 7 June  2.30pm 1st XI (A) 2nd XI (A) v Haileybury
  2.30pm Colts A (H) Colts B (H) Colts C (A) v Westbrook Hay
  2.45pm Senior Girls Rounders (A) v Westbrook Hay
Thurs 8 June   11.00am YH U11 Primary 5-a-side Football Tournament
  (in assoc with Watford FC)
  1.30pm Yr 2 & 3 Team Building Afternoon
  2.30pm Junior Girls Rounders (H) v Chesham Prep
Fri 9 June  8.35am Mrs Peat to Lead Assembly
  8.20-9.00am Second-Hand Uniform Shop
  11.00am Yr 5 & 6 Inter-House Final/3rd & 4th Play-Off
  2.00pm Yr 7 & 8 Inter-House Cricket 6-a-side
  4.30pm Yr 4 Camping Out
Sat 10 June  10.00am U13 Inter-School Cricket 6-a-side Tournament (H)
Sun 11 June   U11 & U13 IAPS Triathlon
  Yr 8 Leavers’ Programme Begins
  Sponsored Swimming Challenge Week 
  (Herts Inclusive Theatre Charity)
Mon 12 June  Pre-Prep Fun into Food Morning
  8.20-9.00am Second-Hand Uniform Shop
  10.00am Yrs 5-8 Regional Athletics Championships at Eton
Tues 13 June  Yr 8 Team Adventure Race, Hall Grove School
  8.35am Yr 2 Instrumental Music Recital
  9.00am Reception Trip to Knebworth House
  1.15pm Herts Inclusive Theatre Performing 
  ‘The Rotten Shoes’ (Yrs 3-5) 
  2.30pm Yr 4 Cricket v St. Anthony’s (H)
  6.00pm Yrs 3-8 Music Recital
Wed 14 June Chartwells Fun into Food (9.45am Yrs 3-5; 11.00am Yrs 6-8)
  2.30pm 1st XI (A) 2nd XI (A) v Berkhamsted
  2.30pm Colts A (H) Colts B (H) Colts C (H) v Heath Mount
  2.30pm Senior Girls /Boys Cricket (H) v Gayhurst
  7.30pm Governor Board Meeting
Thurs 15 June  Yr 8 Outdoor Pioneer Award
  8.35am Rev. Mugan to Lead Assembly
  2.30pm Yr 3 & 4 Cricket (H) v Lyndhurst House
Fri 16 June  Yr 8 Outdoor Pioneer Award
  Home Clothes Day for Herts Inclusive Theatre Charity
  8.30am YHPA Coffee Morning
  9.30am Reception Sports Day
  2.00pm Yr 1 & 2 Sports Day
Sat 17 June  10.00am Middle School Sports Day 
  2.30pm Upper School Sports Day 
  Marvellous Maths Week
Mon 19 June  Yr 5 ISEB Assessment in Mandarin Chinese
  2.00pm Colts D (H) Colts E (H) v St. Martin’s
Tues 20 June  9.00am U11 Cricket Tournament at Merchant Taylors’
  2.00pm Yr 3 & 4 Inter-House Cricket
Wed 21 June  9.45am Yr 5 Production of ‘Romeo & Juliet’ to School
  2.30pm 1st XI (H) 2nd X (H) v Lyndhurst House
  2.30pm Colts A (A) Colts B (A) Colts C (H) v. St. Martin’s
  2.30pm Senior Girls Rounders (A) v Chesham Prep
Thurs 22 June  2.30pm Yr 4 Cricket (A) v Westbrook Hay
  2.30pm Junior Girls Rounders (A) v Westbrook Hay
  7.15pm Yr 5 Production of ‘Romeo & Juliet’
Fri 23 June 11.15am Yr 5 & 6 Inter-House Duathlon
  2.30pm Yr 7 & 8 Inter-House Duathlon 
Mon 26 June 4.45am Yr 7 French Trip to Le Chateau du Broutel
  9.00am Yr 6 Outward Bound Trip to Aberdovey Centre
  Perry Uniform in school - Measuring & Ordering Service
  2.00pm Yr 5 Sailing at the Aquadrome
Tues 27 June Perry Uniform in school - Measuring & Ordering Service
  2.00pm Yr 4 Sailing at the Aquadrome
  3.00pm Yr 3 Cricket (A) v St. Martin’s
Wed 28 June  9.30am Nursery Summer Arts Exhibition ‘Mini Beasts’
  2.00pm Reception Summer Arts Exhibition ‘Mini Beasts’
  9.00am Yr 5 Trip to Bushcraft, Hatfield Woods
Thurs 29 June  Yr 4 Trip to ‘Peter and the Wolf Discovery Day’ at Bedford School
  8.00pm YHPA Meeting
Fri 30 June 8.20-9.00am Second-Hand Uniform Shop
  9.30pm Yr 1 & Yr 2 Summer Arts Exhibition ‘Mini Beasts’
  3.00pm Yr 5 Trip Returns
  5.00pm Yr 7 Trip Returns
  5.30pm Yr 6 Trip Returns
Sat 1 July 6.00am 1st XI (A) v Ryde 
Mon 3 July 8.20-9.00am Second-Hand Uniform Shop
  9.30am Yrs 5-8 National Athletic Championships at Birmingham
  12.00pm Nursery & Reception ‘Teddy Bears Picnic’ Lunch
  2.30pm Colts A (H) Colts B (H) Colts C (A) Colts D (A) v
  St. Antony’s
Tues 4 July Reserve Sports Day
  Moving-Up Morning for Reception-Yr 7 (2017-2018)
Wed 5 July 9.00am EP Art Group Trip to National Portrait Gallery
  School BBQ Lunch
  2.30pm 1st XI (A) 2nd XI (A) v St. Antony’s
  3.00pm Yr 5 & 6 Table Tennis Competiton
Thurs 6 July Yr 8 Trip to Lords: England v South Africa
  2.00pm Yr 4 Inter-House Cricket
  6.00pm 1st XI (H) v Old Yorkists
Fri 7 July 9.15am Yr 7 & 8 Table Tennis Competition
  12.00pm Term Ends for Pre-Prep (& siblings)
  12.30pm School Day Ends for Middle School (& siblings)
  1.00pm School Day Ends for Upper School
Sat 8 July  10.30am Speech Day
  12.00pm Term Ends for Yrs 3-8