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The Board consists of 10 Governors, together providing a strong and balanced mix of personal and professional experience which is of great benefit to York House.

Our Governors are Trustees of the charitable trust that owns and runs the School. They are unpaid volunteers but take an active interest in overseeing and directing the School.

CHAIRMAN | Mrs G Noach B.A. (Lang), Dip.Ed.
Governor responsible for Headmaster
Finance & General Purposes Committee Member
Education Committee Member
Chairman of Health & Safety Committee

DEPUTY-CHAIRMAN | Mrs L Keating B.A. Hons. (Law)
Designated Governor for Safeguarding

Mr P M Lawrence F.R.I.C.S
Chairman of Property Committee
Building Project Sub-Committee Member
Finance & General Purposes Committee Member

Mr N P Berney L.L.B. Hons.
Finance & General Purposes Committee
Building Project Sub-Committee Member

Mrs. J Ginger, MRPhamS
Designated Governor for Early Years

Mrs H Ling
Designated Governor for SEN

Dr K V Young B.Sc. Hons. (Eng) A.R.S.M. Ph.D.
Chairman Finance & General Purposes Committee

Mr P C E Atkinson B.Sc., CBiol, P.G.C.E.
Governor for Education

Cllr R. C. Khiroya
Building Project Sub-Committee Member

Mr J Scragg
Governor for Education
Chairman of Education Committee

The Chair of Governors can be contacted at:
c/o York House School, Sarratt Road, Croxley Green, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, WD3 4LW

The Headmaster can be contacted be email at:
Or by post to the school address:
York House School, Sarratt Road, Croxley Green, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, WD3 4LW

York House usually has 10 governors. Governors are unpaid and also act as Trustees of the York House educational trust.

Governors' overall responsibility is to manage the school charity, provide strategic direction to the School and monitor its activities, providing both challenge and support. Each Governor is linked with a specific area of the school so that he/she can develop in-depth knowledge and act as an advocate for it.

Governors regularly visit the School to watch productions, attend Open Day and New Parents’ evening and to see the school in operation. They also host an annual social event for all staff and for the Parents’ Association. The full Board meets once a term but most of its work is carried out within five Committees who meet regularly and report back in detail to the full Board:


The Finance & General Purpose Committee
Mr K Young, Mrs G Noach, Mr P Lawrence, Mr N Berney, Bursar, Headmaster

Oversees the School’s financial performance, ensures that all procedures are of the highest standard and that budgeting is soundly based and prudent. It also ensures there is complete regulatory compliance, tight internal control and effective risk management. It recommends an annual budget to the full Board, together with fee levels and plans for capital projects.

The Property Committee
Mr P Lawrence, Mrs G Noach, Bursar, Headmaster

Meets each Spring term to consider the summer maintenance programme and also oversees the general maintenance of the school buildings and grounds.

The Education Committee 
Mr J Scragg, Mrs G Noach, Staff Members, Headmaster

Has the responsibility for overseeing the preparation, updating and reviewing of all educational and pastoral policies and procedures of York House School, including the strategic planning of these areas. It has the task of ensuring that the ethos of the school is adhered to at all times and that academic standards, professional behaviour and pupil welfare is maintained throughout the school.

Health & Safety Committee
Mrs G Noach, Matron, Bursar, Staff Members, Headmaster

Oversees the school’s compliance with Health & Safety issues and policies.  As part of this committee, an annual Risk Assessment is carried out by an independent professional who reports back and makes any necessary recommendations to the Committee.

Building Project Sub-Committee
Mr P Lawrence, Mr N Berney, Mr R Khiroya, Bursar, Headmaster

From time to time the Board has particular projects with which it is involved.  In these instances, not all governors are relevant to a particular project and a sub-committee is formed by a few governors who have skills related to that project.

This sub-committee has recently been formed by the Board to take responsibility for the development of Phase lV of the school’s building project.  It will be closely involved with the School Management in appointing architects, preparing site surveys and plans, applying for Planning permission and liaising wherever necessary with the Finance Committee.


The Headmaster leads the School and has overall accountability to the Governing Body.    

Mr Gray meets regularly with the Chairman of Governors and also works closely with the Bursar and his Senior Management Team that comprises the Deputy Headmaster, the Director of Studies, the Head of the Pre-Prep, the Head of the Middle School, the Director of Sport and the Bursar. 

Each has responsibility for a particular area of the School but also takes on wider responsibilities such as academic monitoring as well as individual projects requiring senior management control.  The SMT as a whole reviews and co-ordinates all the school's activities and considers changes, improvements and the impact of new regulations etc.

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