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Food & Menus

Lunch is a social occasion when children and staff enjoy being together. The school dining hall hosts lunch which is served in four sittings from Nursery to Year 8. Teachers eat with the children and there's always the buzz of animated conversation. 

Our lunch menus are on a three-week rotation and change every term.  We have a strong focus on offering home-made food using only use fresh and healthy ingredients.  There is always a good choice and we offer homemade bread, a daily salad bar and a selection of fruit.
All dietary requirements are catered for, with specific focus on those with food allergies.

All the food is freshly cooked on site by a qualified chef and overseen by Chartwells, our catering company, who operate to the highest standards. 

It is possible to order a High Tea for pupils staying after school in the Starlight Club and After School Care. The menus for tea are downloadable on the right-hand side. 

Please remember to specify any special dietary requirements and to order teas by 9am with the School Office please.


Not only do Chartwells provide wonderful food, they also offer a fun and educational ways of learning about food. On Wednesday 26 September they kindly came to York House School and spoke to the children about the food we eat and why, in a very enjoyable session. 

Years 3 to 8 were divided into the red and green teams and watched as two pupils and a teacher prepared a delicious and nutritious meal in 15 minutes with the children voting for them at the end
Food is fun, eating should be fun. 
Try new foods all the time as your tastes will change as you get older.

Breakfast is most important meal of the day. Who had eaten breakfast that morning? Breakfast will give you the energy to get to school and learn until lunch time. If you don't have breakfast you will not be able to concentrate and you will feel very tired.
How many portions of fruit and vegetables should you eat a day? 5, most children knew this
But what size is a portion? It is a handful, so it is much you can fit in your palm. So as you get older (and get bigger hands!) the portion should get bigger. Nobody knew this and is a great thing to understand!
Every meal should be a balanced meal plate, so at every meal you should eat carbohydrate, protein and vitamins
Good eating is very important and easy to do... Preparing a  tasty, fresh, balanced and nutritious meal from simple foods is a life skill you are never too young to learn.
The youngest children learnt all about Fun, Fitness and Food! The group talked about each pupils (and teachers!) favourite fruit or vegetable, and fun facts were given on those. These are available on the right-hand side to download!
Some fun exercises were carried out and then we talked about various fruits and made a mixed fruit smoothie for all children to try to replace the energy used exercising.
It was delicious!

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