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Pastoral Care

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pastoral care
Staff and pupils

 The happiness and well-being of the children is our absolute priority.  

Everyone takes pastoral care extremely seriously and we look out for any child who might be unhappy or having difficulties with friendships. 

Form Teachers are normally the first line of our pastoral care system and they get to know their pupils extremely well, becoming friends and mentors.    


Mrs Alice Foot & Mrs Michelle Russell are both qualified nurses and between them they take great care of the children's health and welfare on a day to day basis. We have two well-equipped First Aid rooms and she is assisted by a group of other appointed First Aiders who have all had advanced training, including Early Years First Aid, while all members of staff are given basic First Aid training. 

For those children with allergies of any kind, especially food, we will write a very strict process plan for that child and each teacher and school assistant is made aware of it and that childs particular requirements.

Above all, you want your child to be safe and we aim to run the School carefully and with unobtrusive security.  At the same time, children should still be children and we want them to enjoy growing up, playing and using our wonderful buildings, facilities and grounds, with interesting school trips and outings.


We do not take any unnecessary risks but we do believe in preparing children for real life rather than wrapping them in a cocoon that is over-protective and means they miss out on valuable experiences. That said, parents always have the right to ask for their child to be excluded from any activity, but we do hope everyone will have a realistic approach to caring for their children.

In addition, all our staff are of course carefully checked, fully trained in and actively aware of all aspects of child care, safety and protection. Our Child Protection Policy is regularly reviewed and always adhered to; you can view and download a copy from the Information section of this website.

Safety and care is agreed as being everyone's responsibility but our Headmaster, Jon Gray, has overall accountability, as you would expect. We are always happy to discuss health and safety and safeguarding issues with any parent.