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4+ The York House Way
Ballet at York House



                                 Entry points

Children typically join York House at Nursery or Reception (known as 3+ and 4+). Another entry point is into our Middle School at Y3 or Y4 (known as 7+ or 8+) and some children join us for the last two years at 11+ for Y7 and Y8. On occasion we have do have spaces in other year groups, due to relocation and we are happy to meet with families on an individual basis.

 Reception 2019

We hold three dates for our 4+ Assessment for entry in Reception in September 2019. The first date is taking place on Wednesday 10th October 2018, the second takes place in January 16th and the third date is February 6th 2019.

The registration deadline for our first day is Friday 5th October 2018. Please contact Admissions for more information.

At the 4+ Assessment children are seen in a small group setting and observed by our Early Years staff. Children will participate in a number of age-appropriate activities in small groups.  During the 30-minute session the children are observed by our teaching staff and offers of places are made on the basis of this assessment. If your child is already at a childcare setting (nursery or childminder) at the assessment parents will be required to bring their child’s current progress report from the setting. Parents will also fill in an overview of their child, which will support the application process. Parents are informed about the decision within two weeks. For more information please see our admissions policy.


                                         3 + Entry

Children are invited to take part in an assessment and taster session during the term before they wish to start in the Nursery at York House. Parents should register by the time the child is 2 years and 9 months. Children can start at York House in the term they are three, we have a minimum requirement of 4 sessions which can be taken as two days or four mornings.

                              Assessment for Y1 -Y8               

Children who are seeking a space from Y1 upwards are asked to spend time at York House with the current cohort. Children will also complete an age appropriate assessment typically including Maths and English.

                         Offers and Waiting Lists

Children may be offered a place, declined a place or placed on a waiting list. We refresh our waiting lists regularly and will communicate any changes, if you do not wish to stay on the waiting list for a place, parents should inform the registrar.