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Our Centenary Aerial Photograph

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On 29th September a helicopter flew to York House School and landed in the playing fields. The experience was the cause of much fun and excitement for the boys and girls (and staff!). All the children and staff were arranged into the shape of “100” and photos taken from above.

Mr. MacDougall has generously decided to give every family and staff member a copy of the “100” photo as a centenary gift.

When the helicopter landed, a number of unplanned group photos were taken of children standing by the machine.  The best of these can be seen by clicking the link to the right of this page. These photos are being made available for sale as a fund raiser for the Parents’ Association. Sadly in the excitement, not every child made it into a group photo. We think the lucky ones who did would love a print in their Christmas stocking! Details of how to order have been sent to all families via Parentmail.

Thanks to Bob Patmore (yr.4 Charlie Patmore’s granddad) who provided the helicopter and Oliver Scott-Tomlin (yr.4 Max Nye’s uncle) took the photos, all at no cost to the school.