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Rickmansworth Fire Engine Visits York House!

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Rickmansworth Fire Engine
Fire Brigade's Latest Recruit!
Fireman showing the children fire ladders
Children putting out the fire!

Rickmansworth Fire Station very kindly came down to York House School today to show our Nursery one of their fantastic engines and give a wonderful talk about fire safety and how they help protect us all from fires.

The children were shown the hoses, ladders and even got to try on their special uniform. One teacher managed to fulfil a boyhood dream and become a fireman himself for 10 minutes!

Each child was shown how to use a real hose and spray water down the drive onto the budding flowers to help them grow! The morning was finished off in real style as the blue lights flashed and the sirens wailed before the children sang their thanks for what was a most memorable day for everyone. We will all be much more aware of fire safety as a result.

Thank you so much to the wonderful and brave fire fighters of Rickmansworth. We really appreciate your visit to the school today and all the great work you do protecting our community each and every day.