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French Trip 2014

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French Trip 2014
French Trip 2014
French Trip 2014
French Trip 2014
French Trip 2014
French Trip 2014
French Trip 2014
French Trip 2014
French Trip 2014

Monday 28th April 2014

Bonjour from France! 

After a very early start, we set off at 4:10am with the Year 7 pupils, Mrs Roffe, Mr Saenger and Miss Mackenzie.  We arrived in Folkestone earlier than expected and caught the 7:20am Eurotunnel crossing (half an hour earlier than scheduled).  We arrived in France at 9am (local time) and drove to Boulogne where we spent over 2 hours at the Nausicaa aquarium. 

Everyone enjoyed the sharks, sea lions, turtles, octopus, crocodiles and penguins amongst many other types of fish and sea life.  We ate our lunch in the park next to the aquarium then headed off on the 4 hour journey to the Château du Molay.  The boys slept or watched a film in French (without subtitles!) and have been very well behaved. 

We arrived at the château in time for bedroom allocation (all the pupils are happy with their shares), and a run around playing football with Mr Saenger before a delicious dinner (chicken diane followed by crème brulee) and they are now outside playing ‘It’s a knockout’ before bedtime!

Tomorrow we are heading to Pegasus Bridge and various other D-Day landings beaches and we are looking forward to listening to the presentation Max has prepared for us all.

Tuesday 29th May 2014

There was a conveniently timed power cut last night at 9:45pm which greatly assisted the staff in getting the pupils to fall asleep!  

We had breakfast at 8:30am.  There was an excellent selection of cereals, croissants, bread, butter, jams, cheese, ham, yogurt, egg, fruit and hot chocolate.  We left at 9am to drive to Pegasus Bridge – one of the pivotal World War II achievements where the 9th Airborne Division glided into the area and captured and held the bridge, preventing the Germans from accessing the beaches and therefore enabling the D-Day landings to take place.  We were all very interested and Max spoke clearly to us about the time frame and history.

From Pegasus Bridge, we drove along the beaches (Juno, Sword, Gold and Omaha) to reach the excellent Arromanches 360° cinema which gave another interesting insight into the D-Day landings.  From there we drove to Longues-sur-Mer where we ate our packed lunches next to the gun batteries.  We left there to discover the art of biscuit making where the pupils had the chance to make their own biscuits, eat them and then buy some if they wanted to.

The American Cemetery was next – an immense and beautifully presented cemetery and war memorial which shocked the children to silence and gave them an insight into the huge loss of life associated with war.  You can see from the photos that the pupils were visibly moved.  

We arrived back at the château at 5pm and spent an hour writing up French journals before a quick run about before meatballs and lemon tart for dinner and the boys are now taking part in a dance activity which they all seem to be enjoying!  All the boys are enjoying themselves and are getting on well with each other.

Tomorrow is the Bayeux market assignment and the Goat’s cheese farm!

Wednesday 30th April 2014

We spent the morning at the Bayeux market undertaking the Market assignment which the pupils and staff all really enjoyed.  Each member of staff had their 6 group members and €22 per group.
We were tasked with buying enough food for the 7 group members to eat a 3 course meal, without the use of heating appliances etc.  What a challenge!  We discussed in our groups the options we had for starters, main courses and desserts then ventured out to buy the required items in French with the chef from the château.  
Mrs Roffe’s group, called “Les garcons champignons” created a mozzarella salad as a starter, beautifully decorated sandwich canapés for the main and followed by a fruit salad for dessert.  Mr Saenger’s group called, “The cheesy biscuits” created bruschetta for the starter, a cheese and salami sandwich platter with a side salad and fruit skewers for dessert and Miss Mackenzie’s group “Les pommes de terre” created a charcuterie plate with cornichons for starter, a goat’s cheese, tomato and red pepper salad for main and eton mess for dessert.  All the pupils worked well as a team and showed their excellent culinary skills.  The winning team was Mr Saenger’s cheesy biscuits who all received certificates for their efforts!

Following our delicious lunch, we went to the Goat’s cheese farm where we interacted with the most adorable kids (baby goats) who allowed the children to stroke and pet them.  After a good half an hour, we were explained about the goats and their milking habits before we watched a film about how the goats were milked and how the milk was made into cheese.  The boys all tried the different cheeses and bought some to take home.  They all listened carefully and did well to try the various cheese tastes.

From the farm we went to the hypermarket where the boys had to compare the products and prices between France and England as well as finding out new vocabulary for items.  They stayed in groups of three and enjoyed finding out prices and using their maths skills to work out the prices in Sterling versus the Euro.

Back to the chateau for football, journal writing, dinner (boeuf bourguignon and chocolate mousse) and they are currently out at their activity.  The boys continue to be happy and are sad to only have a couple of days left in France.

Tomorrow is Bayeux, with the tapestry, the cathedral and the British War cemetery.

Thursday 1st May 2014
Bonjour.  The rain started, as we commenced our fourth day in France. It rained all day, but we still carried on ably with our itinerary.  Our first stop was the Bayeux Tapestry Museum where the boys brushed up on the History of the Norman Conquest.  We then moved out into the pretty city of Bayeux where we had an enjoyable walk around, visiting the picturesque cathedral and enjoying an ice-cream.  
We then visited the British World War II Cemetery, where again the boys showed a great sense of respect and admiration for the lives that had been lost.  After a short drive and lunch on the coach, we were treated to a guided tour of the Juno Beach Centre, which started with the tunnels and bunkers then explored the German coastal defence system.  
Our fantastic guide helped the boys re-live the beach landings and the tour finished in the excellent museum full of interactive exhibits and a film.  At the end of the tour you’ll be pleased to hear that our guide was full of praise for the behaviour and attitude of the York House boys, who had asked interesting questions throughout.
The boys are now packing their bags, completing their journals ahead of the much anticipated karaoke and disco this evening.  Rumour has it that Miss Mackenzie has been preparing her Kylie Minogue tribute!