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Small Holding with Shetland Ponies
Small Holding with Shetland Ponies

It has been an exciting week on the animal front at York House. On Sunday evening, Mr Gray & I found ourselves in our own edition of ‘The Archers’ whilst walking back from the hens, we suddenly spotted 5 sheep trotting up the drive. Our friendly farmer neighbour helped established where they had come from and after some interesting herding we secured them in the paddock until their owner returns from their holiday’s on Friday. 

Today our long awaited ponies arrived: Ella & Jasmine.
Ella is a Shetland, her colour is strawberry roan. She is just over 1 year old, Ella can be a little shy at first but her confidence will grow as she gets used to her environment. Ella has been rehomed with her best friend Jasmine who is a welsh x tri colour and very friendly. All our animals have come from Wood Green, The Animals Charity.

We are delighted to give Ella & Jasmine a new home. They are too young to be ridden and will enjoy life at York House while getting used to being handled, cared for and of course children. 

Each class will be going to see the animals from outside the enclosures and the pupils in smallholding club will get a little closer.