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Lest We Forget

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Lest We Forget
Lest We Forget

Following a lesson about the purpose, construction and symbolism behind the ceramic poppy installation at the Tower of London, Years 4 to 8 set about making their own contribution towards a York House Remembrance Day artwork.

Each pupil made their own poppy using air-drying clay and acrylic paint, silk clay or glass painted plastic discs. The children became very engaged in the process of making this display and showed a touching understanding of its meaning and significance.

Many pupils were inspired to find out about ancestors who had fought in and, in some instances, died in World War 1 and now have a more personal understanding of the great sacrifice a generation made for us. It has proved a very special project for the York House community.


War broke: and now the Winter of the world

With perishing great darkness closes in.

The foul tornado, centred at Berlin,

Is over all the width of Europe whirled,

Rending the sails of progress. Rent or furled

Are all Art's ensigns. Verse wails. Now begin

Famines of thought and feeling. Love's wine's thin.

The grain of human Autumn rots, down-hurled.

For after Spring had bloomed in early Greece,

And Summer blazed her glory out with Rome,

An Autumn softly fell, a harvest home,

A slow grand age, and rich with all increase.

But now, for us, wild Winter, and the need

Of sowings for new Spring, and blood for seed.

Wilfred Owen

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