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Middle & Upper School Sports Day

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We wanted to let you know about our plans for Middle and Upper School Sports Day.

Historically, the school has run two separate Saturday’s, however this year it will be on one day. 
The Reserve Date is Tuesday 30th June.

Middle School

PUPIL ARRIVAL/REGISTER: 9.35am        START: 10am          FINISH: 1pm

Upper School

PUPIL ARRIVAL/REGISTER: 1.45pm        START: 2pm            FINISH: 4.30pm


All children will wear clean P.E. kit and require their blazer too.

BOYS | Green shorts for the boys, House Polo shirt, white socks and trainers.
GIRLS | York House Skort, House Polo shirt, white socks and trainers.

If the weather is cold, they should bring their York House tracksuit.
If hot and sunny, please ensure your child(ren) has adequate sun cream protection and a York House purple sun hat.
It’s advisable for your child(ren) to bring a small drink and snack in a named bottle and bag.


- All Middle & Upper School parents and children are invited to bring a picnic to enjoy
in the Farmer’s Field between the events. Family support at the event as ever is greatly welcomed.

- Children will be the responsibility of parents when they are not at either sports day and we would kindly ask parents to not allow children on the Challenge Course equipment, or in or around the animal enclosure.

- While the events are going on can I kindly remind you to not encroach on the taped areas.
Please be reminded that dogs are not permitted on the school grounds, even on the ‘Farmer’s Field’.


In the event of wet weather, a decision to proceed will be reached by 8:30 am on that morning. Communication will be available here on the school website NEWS section
and Twitter account: @SchoolYorkHouse

Mr Woodford