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Maths Week 2015

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Maths Week 2015
Maths Week 2015
Maths Week 2015


Pre-Prep children have had made a fantastic start to Maths Week today! We have had an incredibly successful day out on the field taking part in some estimating and problem solving investigations.

The children were first given the task of trying to measure a tall tree using only metre sticks. We found that this wasn’t possible without taking some big risks involving climbing the tree or standing on each other’s shoulders so we decided to estimate how tall we thought the tree was by comparing it to the metre sticks we were holding. Once we had made our estimations we were given our next tool, a helium balloon attached to a very long piece of string. The next task was to feed the helium balloon up the side of the tree until it had reached the same height and we found that we could then lay the string along the ground and measure it using the metre sticks!

The second task involved making predictions about how many litres of water the children thought a given bucket could hold. We had a close look at what a litre of water looked like and held up measuring jugs against the bucket in order to make an estimation of how much water it would take. We then got to work transferring the water, a litre at a time, along some guttering and into the bucket at the end. This required careful, steady hands and a very close watch on how much litres were being poured in. 

All the children in Pre-Prep were able to demonstrate their great positive attitude and ability to work together as a team when faced with a challenge as well as some great mathematical skills to sensibly estimate quantities!

Well done to all the children in Pre-Prep and a big thank you to the Year 7 pupils who came out to the field to lend the children a hand and some advice when completing these activities. Keep up the great work Maths Investigators!

Miss Chester and Mrs Popat

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