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Year 4 Fixtures & Teams | May 19th

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Year 4 Cricket Game v Keble School – Thursday 19th May


M.I.C: Mr Wingham & Mr Telfer

Venue: York House School

Start Time: 2.30pm           Finish Time: 3.45pm

Match Tea: 3.45pm           Pick up Time: 4.15pm


At this point of the year it is highly recommended that all students have Sun Hats, Sun Cream and any provision to the sun necessary.

A Team

W. Farnsworth

A. Marshall

L. Clarke

J. Curtis

L. Fletcher

D. Moore

D. Sanderson

E. Vercesi


B Team

F. Ponzini

H. Crossand

O. Adeyinka

D. Morris

F. Stares

Z. Gordon-Brown

J. Gregory

A. Hollis


C Team

D. Bradford

Y. Choudhary

J. Costa

S. Rose

H. Dent

B. North

H. Guggenhiem


D Team

C. Fung

C. Rashidbigi

S. Kapil

V. Lymperis

M. Rose

A. Malochleb