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Year 4 Cricket | Tuesday 14th June

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Year 4 Cricket Game v St Anthonys School

M.I.C: Mr Wingham
Venue: York House School (HOME)

Start Time: 2.30pm           Finish Time: 3.45pm
Match Tea: 3.45pm           Pick up Time: 4.15pm

At this point of the year it is highly recommended that all students have Sun Hats, Sun Cream and any provision to the sun necessary.

A. Marshall
L. Clarke
L. Fletcher
D. Moore
D. Sanderson
D. Morris
F. Stares
J. Gregory
E. Vercesi
J. Curtis

D. Bradford
Y. Choudhary
H. Guggenhiem
C. Fung
C. Rashidbigi
S. Kapil
V. Lymperis

F. Ponzini
H. Crossand
O. Adeyinka
S. Rose
Z. Gordon-Brown
A. Hollis
W. Farnsworth
J. Costa
H. Dent
B. North