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Merchant Taylors' Scrummers Festival

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Scrummer’s Rugby Festival | Merchant Taylor’s School | Saturday 25th March 


Teams:  Under 10 ‘A’ & Under 11 ‘A’

M.I.C: Mr.Woodford, Mr.Lopez & Mr.Berry

Arrive at Merchant Taylors’ (head for the back carpark by the OMT club house): 8:40 am (changed in full kit & tracksuits, bringing boots & gum-shields)

Matches start: 9:30 am

Pick up time: 12:45 pm

Under 10 squad                                Under 11 squad

F.PONZINI                                          T.FORD
D.MORRIS                                           L.GAGGIOTTI-SQUIRE
J.GREGORY                                         S.GILDERSLEVE
L.FLETCHER                                        J.CARTER
D.BRADFORD                                      L.ADAMS
J.COSTA                                              T.REYNOLDS
O.ADEYINKA                                       F.CAWTHORNE
H.CROSSLAND                                     O.FROST
A.MALOCHLEB                                     N.CANNON
J.CURTIS                                             M.HARWOOD
H.DENT                                                S.GILL