Cultural Capital
York House

Cultural Capital

York House

At York House School, we focus on the creating a culture where children have a 'Love of Knowledge' and we see the importance in 'Unlocking Potential,' these themes are enriched through our Cultural Capital programme.

What is meant by cultural capital?

  • Broad understanding of the world, rather than just your own experience
  • It demonstrates understanding between different subjects
  • Knowledge and understanding of the world around us, outside of the curriculum
  • Cultural capital is all aspects of a person that gives them confidence in both formal and informal situations.

Why is cultural capital significant?

  • It instils a love of knowledge and seeking knowledge.
  • It creates a well-rounded individual.
  • It promotes intrinsic motivation rather than just extrinsic motivation.
  • It allows us to achieve goals.
  • It helps us to understand our needs vs other people's needs.
  • It gets us out of our comfort zones.
  • It unlocks our full potential.

What does Cultural Capital look like at York House?

Every two weeks, we will focus on a different subject through our Cultural Capital programme. During form time, children will be introduced to the Cultural Capital subject focus for the upcoming two weeks. Resources used will inspire discussions, fact-finding work or motivate further independent research.

As well as in form time, the research questions will also be shared weekly in the newsletter on the Friday before. This will allow pupils to engage with this work at home should they wish to. Suggestions of places to visit in person, websites etc. will also be available for parents looking for enrichment opportunities outside of school for all pupils Nursery – Y8. Pupils will also have the opportunity to share their findings with Mr Gray or any member of the Cultural Capital team or Heads of Department.

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