York House


York House

We see school life at York House as a journey and we reflect regularly on the journey our pupils are taking, ensuring those experiences are broad and balanced for all our pupils.

The School is split into small sections to ensure the pastoral and academics are a key focus for each age group. The sections are EYFS (Nursery & Reception),  Pre Prep (Y1 & Y2),  Lower School  (Y3 & Y4), Middle School (Y5 & Y6) and our final two years Y7 & Y8 make up our Upper School.

The Headmaster oversees the whole school and is supported by the Management team to ensure our daily routines run smoothly. 

Children that start with us in Nursery can join in the term they turn three into our mixed Nursery class that caters for our Lower Nursery children alongside our Upper Nursery Children.

Children in Nursery take part in daily sessions in Phonics, Reading and Maths alongside the EYFS curriculum subjects. Children have plenty of time to develop and make progress in all areas.  Nursery children also take part in Playball, Balance Bike lessons and they spend time outdoors with our full time Outdoor Instructor in our dedicated Nursery Garden or further afield in the 47 acres. The York House Nursery is in a purpose built classroom with continuous access to outside activities. 

About two-thirds of our children enter Reception from our own Nursery with one-third entering Reception from a range of Pre School settings, after a successful 4+ assessment.

Children in Reception continue with the EYFS curriculum alongside weekly PE, Swimming, Games, French and Computing lessons all taught by subject specialists.

Our Pre Prep is for all children in Nursery to Year Two and school life for Pre Prep children is full of fun, challenging and rewarding activities. The journey in Pre Prep focuses on building children's own tool kit for learning with the essential tools to be independent, curious and excited learners.

After Pre Prep children move into Lower School which is for Y3 & Y4; children in Lower School are taught by a mixture of form tutors and subject teachers.

Lower School is followed by Middle School for Y5 & Y6, where the academic focus is rigorous and robust, preparing children for either an 11+ exit route or 13+. 

Upper School is for children in Y7 and Y8; some children join us into Y7, giving them two years in a small environment before moving at Y8 to their Senior School of choice. Pupils in Y7 & Y8 are well prepared for their next school and enjoy an excellent curriculum with broad experiences encompassing #TheYorkHouseWay

A snapshot of school life can be seen on our Social Media channels, with the doors opening at 7:30am for before school care and clubs, activities and post school care running until 6:00pm - pupils are challenged, busy and ,more importantly, happy.

Some children come into school excited about feeding our rescue hens at break time and others can’t wait for their Drama lesson or extra cheerleading practice after school. For others it will be Science or their School Council Meeting that is the highlight of their day, but whatever it is, we make sure every child’s journey offers experiences they are excited about and are learning from.

This is what makes the York House Way a path worth exploring.

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